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Tea Detox Pack

Brand: Bambala Tea

AUD $50.00

Smart and simple lifestyle choices and our new bridal wellness pack can help you look and feel your best for your wedding day. The pack includes Happy Soul detox tea and After Dinner Mint blend for a complete detox, as well as go-to recipes and a complete guide to detox from our Naturopath Roberta Nelson.

Happy Soul is a complex hand-blended mix of seven premium loose leaf tea leaves and herbs to work in harmony to provide an all-angles-coverage love on your digestive system live and promote healthy weight loss.

On top of this, The After Dinner Mint blend helps relax your mind and body and promotes a restful sleep.

So if you are after a better alternative to those nasty laxative detox teas, look no further. Both teas are certified by a registered Naturopath and free of any nasties!