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Chosen has been built on the personal experiences of creative director, Kyha who founded One Day Bridal back in 2011. After going through the process of planning her own wedding, Kyha struggled finding a dress that represented her personal sense of style.

Through this journey Kyha identified the ideas and misconceptions illustrating what a bride should look like. We are told what shape the gown should be, what material and what colour, but it doesnt need to be that way...

There are other ways to express yourself as a bride but there werent enough options out there. So Kyha decided to create a brand that was not your typical wedding style but was exactly what modern brides were looking for.

One Day is now a leading bespoke bridal house in Melbourne, Australia.

However, due to an in depth fitting process one day has been unable to service brides interstate or internationally and hence Chosen was created.

Launched in October 2016, Chosen is paving the way for the modern day bride with our range of bridal accessories and highly sort after clothing and is now available worldwide in a selection of hand picked boutiques..


Our core values are communication, curiosity, passion, equality, innovation, integrity and impact. We listen well and seek to understand. We remain calm and posed in stressful situations to explore clear thinking and a suitable plan of action. We adapt our communication style to work well with people from around the world.

We learn rapidly and eagerly. We seek alternative perspectives and aim to continually challenge ourselves. We inspire others with our thirst for excellence and we care intensely about our brides and those we work alongside.We are always searching for new and innovative ways to design and develop. We thrive on change and adapting to the ever changing world around us.

We collaborate effectively and are known for authenticity and candor. We nurture and embrace differing perspectives to make better decisions for better outcomes. We value equality and inclusiveness. We do not discriminate and seek to eliminate these boundaries. We are committed to arousing awareness and gaining support.

We pursue an ethical and meaningful existence within the fashion industry. While trends change we dont believe fashion is disposable. We give back to foundations and projects that reflect our core values as we strive to make an impact.

As a team we conquer all challenges with teamwork and we treat all people with respect.


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