One Day x Sphere: The Collaborative Collection


The Collection

The One Day x Sphere Collection beautifully showcases how designers and stylists can collaborate to create something with raw authenticity that otherwise would not have existed.

Driven by a growing sense that brides, both from One Day and Sphere collective were seeking more elevated, cutting edge, and detailed options, Kyha and Sarah felt that together it was the perfect opportunity to create. Both Kyha and Sarah have described the collection as the perfect marriage of the unexpected and the timeless, fusing of cutting edge and etherealism. Both designers love the juxtaposition used in each gown with the collection incorporating  combinations of corsetry and draping, lace and boning, beading and structure, flowing fabric and intricate detailing.

Who is Kyha Scott?

Kyha is the founder and creative director of One Day Bridal. Established in 2011, One Day Bridal has cemented itself within the fashion industry as a leader of uniquely designed wedding gowns. You can find the brands head office and flagship store nestled in the heart of South Melbourne, however the brands notoriety far precedes the Australian borders. The One Day Bridal brand expanded on a global scale in 2016 when they launched their made to order ‘CHOSEN by One Day’ range. The range is now stocked in 30 global stockists across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA.

Who is Sarah McCarthy?

Sarah founded the Sphere collective in Maroochydore, QLD in 2016 and has proven to be an industry leader and trend setter within Australia’s Bridal community. Sarah loves that she is now a special part of  bride’s journey from the initial choice to the styling before the aisle. Sphere Collective has carried the chosen by one day range and select one day gowns since opening and the boutique has proven itself to be clearly aligned with One Day Bridal’s unique style and affinity for breaking tradition.


How did the idea of the collection come about?

“I am always looking to create something that hasn’t been seen before and was excited about collaborating with Sarah on something unexpected. I love Sarah’s keen eye for bridal styling and fresh ideas for the future of bridal. We know brides will love this collection for its intricate details and modern design elements.” – Kyha Scott

Kyha has always been a great support and mentor for me, so to work with her in this way was an extremely humbling and exciting experience. Whilst Kyha and I draw from different inspiration we found we had a common aesthetic that complimented each other and we knew would translate into a beautiful collection of gowns.” – Sarah McCarthy

Where did you draw design inspiration from for this unique collection?

This collection was definitely a process of collaboration – from start to finish. Both Sarah and I drew inspiration from brides’ feedback, each other’s personal aesthetics and new fabrics and shapes. – Kyha Scott

Describe a One Day x Sphere Collective bride in three words?

“Modern, unexpected and timeless” – Sarah McCarthy

If you got married again tomorrow, what dress from the collection would you wear ?

“Hera – it’s basically a recreation of my own wedding gown, I love an off the shoulder and sleeve
combination.” – Sarah McCarthy

What is the best piece of style advice you could give a bride when planning their wedding ?

“Choose a gown that reflects your personality and feels truly you.” – Kyha Scott 

What is the best piece of self- care advice you could give a bride when planning their wedding ?

“Don’t stress over the small things and focus on what really matters to you and your fiance .
At the end of the day you won’t remember all of the little things you once stressed over, you will
just remember that it is one of the most amazing days of your life.” – Sarah McCarthy


Where can brides find these gowns?

All One Day x Sphere gowns can be found at One Day Bridal, South Melbourne, Sphere Collective, Queensland and online at One Day Bridal