One Day & The Engaged


Hola! I am Steph, the Online, PR + Marketing manager at One Day Bridal. I have been with the business for three years and recently got engaged. YAY!

When a large part of my job entails speaking to our brides post-wedding, reading their wedding details, the favourite parts of their day, researching their beautiful vendors and taking in their thoughtful words of advice, you would think I would have a pretty good handle on the wedding industry…wrong. When it came time to start planning my own wedding I completely freaked out and became a serious bridezilla for my fiancé.

I had always imagined that when the time came for myself, having been in the business for quite a while now, that I would have everything under control. I would know exactly what I wanted and everything would fall into place. But that hasn’t exactly happened.

When Dylan proposed it was like I wanted to put the rest of our lives on hold. The wedding was the most important thing in the world and nothing else mattered. It took me a good couple of months to calm down. We had a big trip to Europe planned just weeks after the proposal, very sneaky of him! But it was so amazing to have that special time together to consolidate everything, let the emotions sink in and assess what we really wanted and what we wanted our day to mean and look like.


Now it’s its almost six months after our engagement and we have finally started locking things in.


Now, instead of waiting until the wedding was over to share the details with you, I wanted to share what really happens during the wedding planning process from one bridezilla to another. What I recently realised was that even though I work in the industry, I see so many beautiful weddings and know so many great people in the industry, wedding planning is a whole other ball game and I felt so overwhelmed.

So, what better way to take in the best recommendation, the best tips and advice than hearing them from an actual bride inside the industry? My thoughts exactly.

So here it goes, welcome to my wedding, the planning process and hopefully some sound advice for your special day.


Let the wedding planning begin!


Of course, the first thing I did was start a Pinterest board. Here’s are a few sneaky inspiration photos from my personal ‘WEDDING’ board.

Steph x