Planning a wedding? Me too!

It’s now less than three months until my wedding and things are really starting to kick into gear. For a while there I thought I was a little too laid back about the whole wedding planning thing and felt like I should be doing more. Surely there was someone I had to touch base with? Something I had to organise or make a decision on? But really the last six months have been a breeze.


However, my current state of mind would not have been possible without the dedication and organisation of the ladies at The Style Co. This has to be my top recommendation for those couples about to delve into their planning process. For those who lead a busy life, work hard or are worried about the stress and anxiety, chat to a wedding planner!


Sarah and her team from The Style Co have made my wedding planning journey an absolute pleasure. Not to mention Sarah just had a baby and is still absolutely killing it!  I really don’t know where this whole Bridezilla stigma comes from…but let’s be honest I am still going to wear the t-shirt.


But seriously, these ladies are ridiculous and so over every little detail. It’s like having a PA but you actually feel more like friends. They answer every email and call, regardless of how ridiculous your question is and even remind you about things you hadn’t even thought about. Like how are we getting to the hotel room they organised at the end of the night? I probably would have been hailing a cab! They have thought of everything and each detail is executed with the utmost precision.


I definitely could have planned my wedding on my own, that’s not the reason I invested in a wedding planner. For myself and Dylan we wanted to look back on this time, on this journey we have decided to take and remember it as a positive and exciting experience in itself.


I know I don’t cope with stress very well, no shame here. It’s like I feed off stress and get more stressed and it’s really not even that big of a deal. Just one of those things. I knew from the outset that I didn’t want my relationships with my family and friends to suffer because I was feeling stressed. But these ladies have taken the stress and anxiety out of planning my wedding, and for that I am forever grateful.


I guess the point of me writing this and what I want anyone who is reading this to take away is that the world of bridal can seem overwhelming at first for anyone, even someone who works in the industry. But assess your strengths, weaknesses and your current situation in life and decide on what’s important to you and your partner. Is it important to avoid stressful situations and ask for help. You are not expected to know how to plan a wedding and this is exactly why wedding planners are so good at what they do. They include you in every step of the process and make it all that more enjoyable.


It is an investment I am not going to lie, but it comes down to what is important to you and how you want to look back onto this time and feel. This process has really worked for me and my Fiancé. So if you are starting your planning process and feel like you need a bit of extra help, ask!


I can highly recommend The Style Co for both wedding planning and styling (the styling post is to come, it’s going to blow your mind). The whole team at The Style Co have been so incredible to deal with. Their professionalism, attention to detail and insane ideas are 2nd to none.


As the aisle drawers nearer, the butterflies are starting to flutter but I can rest assured that everything is under control. Every detail has been taken care of and I can really focus on enjoying this time, concentrate on myself and my relationships and prepare for the big day!


Happy wedding planning!


Steph x

Images of my favourite work by The Style Co as well as some of the inspiration for my own wedding.