The Making of a Bespoke Wedding Dress

After I got engaged people assumed I knew exactly the type of wedding dress I wanted. I worked with wedding dresses everyday, I must have some idea of what I wanted? Right?

Well not quite. After I got engaged I became overwhelmed with possibilities. So my first point of call was finding a shape that suited me.


I arranged a consultation with our team at One Day, along with my mum, grandma and sisters, we tried on a range of shapes and styles to find what looked best on me. It was such a fun afternoon and a precious memory of the journey. 

No one is expected to know what type of wedding gowns are going to look good one them. This is why a consultation with our expert stylists is the best place to start!


I tried on fitted gowns, slinky gowns, some with structure, some without. I tried strapless and high neck. I actually tried on my least favourite gown and found, even though it wasn’t my style, the shape actually suited me.


Whilst trying on these gowns I did keep in mind the types of necklines I like on myself normally. High necks or across the shoulders is what I normally wear and what I found I liked the most on me.


As I was leaning towards something that was more Bespoke I had to visualise. This is really important with the Bespoke process as the final outcome is nothing like anything else we have in store. Our team have also started designing our own fabrics so there are so many different elements that came into play so trusting our team and visualising was important.


After this initial consultation I had a pretty good idea of the shape. I also knew this was my one chance to go big. When else am I going to be able to wear a full skirt with a train, this along with the neckline I liked, we had the shape of the dress sorted.

At this point I placed all creative control over to Kyha and our team of dress makers to advise and recommend the best way forward.


Based on the gowns and shapes that I liked most during my consultation I began to gather images of the types of fabrics I liked. I saved colours and textures I liked and this was the first step in creating my dress.

Below are some of the inspiration I saved which were the basis of my fabric design. As you can see  I was drawn to fabrics that were textured with floral details. I also loved the dusty pink colours and was moving away from the traditional white. 


Next time, the fitting process.

Steph x


Hero image by Olivia and Thyme 

Inspiration images found on Pinterest