7 years ago we met at a going away party. We were instant friends it was like we had already met before. We haven’t really spent time apart since.



We chose Bird In Hand winery in the Adelaide Hills. Our ceremony was held surrounded by sweeping views of vineyards, manicured gardens and a relaxing atmosphere made us feel like we were at a Tuscan estate.



When I set off to find a dress, I had so many reservations in my mind about the dress being “too lacy”, “too big”, “too small”, “too sparkly”, “to modern”, “too traditional”, “too many bows”, “it needs a bow here” (I never said that). I sent myself into an absolute spin. Tom assured me that I would find “the one” and simply said “Just go and find the dress, it doesn’t matter what it costs or what it looks like, I’ll love you in anything”. So that made it easier that I was relaxed when I finally went into One Day.

I started the journey thinking I wanted a long-sleeved beaded option but the One Day girls talked me out of it. I am so thankful I listened to them.  

Finding “the dress” is a process that you will need an open mind for. Try on anything and everything. You will surprise yourself!



For the bridesmaids, I was after a bold yet elegant style. I was determined to find something that worked as best it could with three different body shapes.

We chose an upcoming brand, Acler. The girls wore white, fitted dresses with raw cut georgette edges. We had them slightly altered so that the girls all felt comfortable.


Tom absolutely needed to have some element of live music, so we went with a DJ as well as a bongo player and saxophone player. It was one of the best investments for the night and our guests really let their hair down.  

My deal breaker was probably the dress, followed closely by the venue. The winery we chose, Bird In Hand, definitely uphold a certain standard in events that I trusted and it was because of this that I knew we would be in safe hands. Most importantly though, what I liked about the venue is that of course their wine is good, which goes with good food, but they are also into art, music, design, philanthropy and community. Friendship and fun times. They always have interesting works of art around the venue, collaborate with designers (like Dion Lee, Bambi etc) and frequently hold live concerts at the winery. This is a vibe that money couldn’t buy that I knew our guests would feel on our special day.


Myself and around 25 other girls had an absolutely exquisite long table lunch at a neighbouring winery to Bird In Hand (the Adelaide Hills is a gorgeous wine region in South Australia). We then went back to my friend’s house and had Aperol Spritzes with delicious home cooked treats. I actually ended up staying reasonably sober and drove home – I think it goes to show that you don’t actually have to get drunk and silly and that your celebrations can be quite civilised if that’s what you want!


Be unapologetically you.


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