We met in June 9 years ago, I was working part-time as a receptionist at an advertising agency, working a few days a week while doing my undergrad. Shane had his own computer programming company, and the agency would bring him in sometimes to work on the odd job for a couple of days. I can’t really remember Shane the first time he came in (sorry love!) but I apparently made an impression and he would later tell me he thought I was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. (Naww..) The agency didn’t call on his services for another TWO YEARS and Shane said although he hadn’t forgotten me, he doubted that I would still be working there. Well, I was still studying still working there and when he saw me he said he knew he couldn’t miss the chance to ask me out this time around.



We got married on a private property called The House at Smoko, set over 32 acres. It is usually hired out as accommodation right in the heart of the picturesque Alpine country in Victoria, (about ten minutes from Bright). We both wanted to get married in the bush, as nothing beats the beauty of the Australian landscape- and boy, we were surrounded by some of the most amazing mountains ever. The house itself was also architecturally designed and beautifully furnished. Neither of us wanted a wedding venue that had to end at midnight or 1am, and the idea of hopping around to another venue seemed too disruptive.

Though I fell in love with it, the house wasn’t technically a venue, and they didn’t do weddings, so I contacted the owners and after jumping through a few liability hoops, (and I must give owners Amanda and Rich a shout-out, they were fantastic in their support), we had it confirmed. Not only did we have the perfect venue, with 100-year old oak trees to get married under, surrounded by beautiful scenery, we could party all night without worrying about noise restrictions or curfews, and the best thing was when the party ended all we had to do to go to bed was go inside!



This in itself is another story. I always knew that I didn’t want to wear white at my wedding- don’t ask me why, but in my heart of hearts, I just felt a white dress was not for me- and I knew I wanted something a bit different. However, if you Google ‘gold wedding dress’…let’s just say the results I was getting were the opposite to what I envisaged for myself!
One of my best friends (also a bridesmaid), sent me a Pin of the dress on Pinterest and I took one look and knew it was the one. (So shout out to my girl Haylee for finding my wedding dress!) Alas, it had no link or detail about where the dress was from and my heart really sank. My mind immediately went to it being either completely out of my price range, an old photo of a discontinued dress, a dress only sold overseas (and I wouldn’t take that risk), and would I even be able to find it at all? Thank god for the miracle of Google image search. I saved the image and ran it and before long I found her! The Nala, from One Day Bridal, in the current collection, in my home town, and in my price range. That cemented the fact it was ‘the one’ even more. I never even tried on another dress, that’s how much I loved it.



I wanted my bridesmaids to have some form of control over what they chose, but obviously needed it to be consistent. I found some amazing French lace, Italian silk dresses by Grace Loves Lace, which came in different styles and colours so they could decide which they preferred. They were just beautiful and dreamy and romantic, (though my bridesmaids would look good in anything!) The lads kept it really simple: chinos, linen shirts, suspenders, and our MC’s partner at that time made them all bow-ties (such a talent!). Jackets not required in 40-degree weather!



I know it’s probably a cliché, but don’t sweat the small stuff! As a first time bride, it might feel overwhelming and you may feel like you need to be across every detail- but just remember you’re not planning the wedding alone- trust in your suppliers and experts! Absolutely put a lot of thought and consideration into getting the “big stuff” right- but once you have these big-ticket items under control, don’t get overwhelmed in the details. My caterer thought of stuff I never would have thought of, without me even having to worry about thinking of it. Your suppliers have done it all before, so not micro-managing and trusting them can save you having a micro-meltdown! (Having said that, spreadsheets are your friend and although it may sound obvious, use them! There are some great free ones online.)



I got taken to salsa dancing lessons, which I have to admit, I did not think I would enjoy as much as I did! It was really good fun and the perfect way to get our laugh on, (with some bubbles assisting a little bit!) Afterwards we had lunch at Neighbourhood Wine and were joined by those who couldn’t make it to dancing. It was one very long table! At this point, my husband and his friends joined us (having been together almost nine years, we wanted to celebrate together with all our friends) and we went back to have a big house party at a friend’s house who had decorated it magically.



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