18th April 2017



We met backstage at Planetshakers Conference back in 2014. Josh played bass in the band, and it was the first year I was asked to sing. A friend introduced us (to be honest I don’t actually remember meeting him, but he remembers this moment). Josh had already been touring around the world with the band for a few years and in 2014 I also started touring. He was fun and crazy, super daring and weird. We started dating a year later.



We had our Ceremony at Space 338 in North Melbourne and Reception at 524 Flinders in the CBD. We wanted a wedding that really reflected ‘us’ and who we are. We wanted something super unique and out of the box but still enjoyable and fun for the guests. I loved the industrial look of Space 338 and the blank canvas of 524 Flinders meant that we could do whatever we wanted with the space.


THE DRESS : The Nala Gown

I wanted something non-traditional, that was most important to me because I’ve always been a little bit unique. I looked at a lot of images on Pinterest and had a few different dresses in mind (one of those was the Nala Gown). One of my friends knew the dress was One Day Bridal and so I went and tried it on a fell in love with the dress! I knew it was the one for me.


I asked the girls to choose their own dresses, some in lace and some plain. I knew I wanted them in white so that it really contrasted with my dress.  It was important to me that they liked what they wore and felt beautiful so I really encouraged them to choose something they felt great in! The boys wore black skinny jeans, white shirts, black ties and black suit jackets.



We did a joint Bridal shower and Hens night. The bridal shower was at one of my bridesmaids houses. We did a morning tea which was awesome and had Ms Gather and Feast (Ashley Alexander) make the most incredible Chia Pudding ever! Lots of funny games with family and friends. And then the Hens night was a heap of fun, we went and got dumplings (my fave!) at Hu Tong Dumpling bar, had a sing on a tram and then went to Bistro Vu for their famous Tarte Tatin – it was a dream.



• PHOTOGRAPHER • Wei Xiong Yap • VIDEO Shawn Chia & Christel Chia  • HAIR + MAKE UP Tina Costa and Becca Kotze • STYLING + FLOWERS  Friends •



It’s ok to change up the ‘rules’ and have a wedding that is more ‘you’. Don’t be afraid to take risks and always ask yourself the motivation behind your decisions. If it’s because ‘this is just how a wedding has to be’, it’s ok to ask yourself if that’s how you want YOUR wedding to be.