STEPH • A ONE DAY BRIDE • The engagement


26th August 2017


As the PR and Marketing Manager at One Day I feel I have to share every details of my incredible wedding day. Not only did we use some incredible talented people in the industry, but as a bride myself and having gone through the process, I hope you can take some advice and inspiration from my journey.


Now, a little back ground into our story.



Ours was a Tinder Romance.  We matched in July of 2014. We had multiple very close friends in common and it was only by chance that we hadn’t met previously.

Our first date was at Siglo in Melbourne. During that first date we both knew what we had was something special. For the first 18 months we didn’t spend more than two nights away from each other.



It was my birthday weekend. Dylan was nervous and on the Friday night had organised my whole family and a few close friends to surprise us at The Cullen where we were staying. My family was a little suspicious and a few were expecting him to have already popped the question. We had a great night with drinks on the balcony, but there was no sign of the ring or an engagement so far. Upon reflection, Dylan was acting very suspicious and strange that night. Little did I know he had the ring in his bag the whole time!

It wasn’t until the Saturday, we had been for a big walk and I had just been to get my nails done in preparation for my family birthday dinner. I came back and Dylan asked if I wanted an early birthday surprise. He pull from behind him a beautiful black box. I immediately burst into tears and turned away from him in complete shock. When I turned back he was on one knee. Both overcome with so much emotion he could hardly get the words out but it was an overwhelming yes!

The family dinner he had organised for my birthday was a great way to keep the whole process a surprise and celebrate with our families as soon as it had happened.

Dylan had worked with Naomi from Pantellic Jewels in the six months leading up to the day to design me the most incredible engagement ring. He had managed to keep it a secret and I had no idea.