26th August 2017



Ours was a Tinder Romance.  We matched in July of 2014. We had multiple very close friends in common and it was only by chance that we hadn’t met previously.

Our first date was at Siglo in Melbourne. During that first date we both knew what we had was something special. 



Rupert on Rupert 

Dylan and I saw three venues in total. I had seen an image of Rupert when I began my venue search and was immediately drawn to the industrial feel. I also loved the greenery inside and knew this would create a warm and inviting atmosphere for our guests.

Food was also a deciding factor for us. We wanted our wedding to mimic one of our big family dinners. We could have big long tables and a banquet style feast exactly the way our families love to celebrate together.  After our first meal at Rupert we knew it was the one. The food, service and cocktails were all amazing. It was an easy decision from there.

Mali and her team were all an absolute pleasure to work with. They made everything so easy and stress free.


THE DRESS: Bespoke One Day Bridal

Even before I got engaged Kyha and I had a pretty good idea of what my wedding dress would look like. Being sisters and having worked together for four years Kyha has a pretty good idea of what I like and wanted.

I knew quite early on I wanted a full skirt, when else would I get the chance to wear anything like this? I had a consultation at work and got to try on all types of shapes and styles. Even though I work in bridal I wasn’t really sure what style would actually suit me and my body shape. I tried everything from strapless and fishtail to embellished and plain.

To my relief the style I thought I wanted did suit my body shape so we decided on a full skirt with structured bodice with an illusion off the shoulder sleeve.

Over the last twelve months the team at ONE DAY has been working on developing our own beaded fabric. For my fabric I wanted a floral aspect so the team designed the most incredible fabric with 3D floral motifs and gold beading. I wore only a pair of nude underwear and nude cups in the bodice and the layers of organdie and tulle threw off a beautiful blush pink tone against my skin.

My second dress was based off one of Kyha’s previous designs. I had tried it on a few years ago just for fun but loved the way it looked and felt.



Dylan worked with Rob from Tailors Mark to create a double breasted Bespoke suit paired with gold buttons and satin collar. We both love rich textures so pairing his look with patent leather Jimmy Choo’s, Alexander McQueen cufflinks and silk tie from Mr Day he looked very smart.



Good food, drinks and music. We also wanted a sit down dinner with long tables.



My sisters threw me the most incredible Hens Day. The whole thing was a surprise and I actually didn’t even know it was happening until the day before.

It started with a hijacking by my mum, and two sisters who arrived at the house at 6:30am. They took me to my sisters house in my pyjamas to start hair and make up. At this stage I still had no idea what was actually happening. It wasn’t until the blonde wig went on that I knew I was dressing up as barbie. The next surprise was my mums wedding dress that had been cut short, the perfect bride barbie outfit.

We then enjoyed a civilised lunch with my closest friends and family. All the while I was the only one dresses as a barbie.

The next stage of the surprise was an epic Barbie house party at my mums house. All my girlfirends, and brother, had dressed up as barbie, sporty barbie, disco barbie, Dr Barbie, they were all there! We then enjoyed cocktails, some gorgeous waiters, Mr Whippy a Teepee tent and lots of dancing.



HAIR Angie Dimitriou • RINGS Pantellic Jewels • MAKE UP Monica Gingold •  SHOES Gucci • PHOTOGRAPHY Hails and Shine • VIDEOGRAPHY Moon and Back Co • STYLING + Planning The Style Co • PHOTO BOOTH Heart Break Hotel •



Trust the experts. You enlist the help of specialised stylists, florists, wedding planners, hair and makeup artists to be there for you on the day. During the process trust their opinions, their recommendations and let them do what they do best.

I also highly recommend a wedding planner. From the outset, having Sarah there knowing that she was all over everything ensured Dylan and I could really enjoy the process and not worry about those little details and trying to juggle everything as we both lead busy lives.