Elly from The Natural Nutritionist and loosing weight for your wedding

We all do it whether it’s intentional or not. As brides we want to slim down and tighten up before the big day, it’s just one of those things. But there is definitely a wrong way and a right way of doing this, so we spoke to Elly from The Natural Nutritionist on the best way to diet for your wedding day.


What are your diet ‘No No’s” for brides trying to lose weight before the wedding?

The biggest ‘no no’ is leaving it too late. Ideally you want to allow at least 12 weeks prior to the day of the wedding to start working on body composition/weight loss goals. Allowing this sort of time means you can work on losing the weight whilst being able to function normally, keep your hormones in check and of course, not stress your dress maker out about last minute sizing changes.  


What are your diet “Must Do’s”‘ for brides?

As you know I’m all about eating real food. This means avoiding packaged foods. Obviously to do this you need to a) get comfy in the kitchen and b) avoid relying on crutches like diet shakes and packaged juices. So, my biggest ‘must do’ for brides is to find the time to get comfy in the kitchen and be prepared to make most of your own food. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver or spend hours in the kitchen. There are really simple meals you can prepare (like those we’ve included in Real Food for One Day Brides) or whole foods that you can throw together to create a super yummy, filling and nutrient dense meal.


How much is too much weight to lose?

There are a couple of questions to ask yourself to determine whether the amount you want to lose is too much;

  1. How much time have you allowed yourself to lose the weight? If you’ve set yourself a goal that requires you lose more than 0.5 – 1 kg/week before the wedding then you’ve set an unrealistic goal and you’ll be putting your body under so much pressure that you won’t be able to do it healthfully.
  2. What were you like at your smallest? If you’ve set yourself a goal that sits below your lowest, then chances are you’ve set your sights on a point that’s either unachievable or, if it is achievable, it won’t be done healthfully.

As you’re starting to gather, I’m really passionate about healthy, sustainable weight loss. It’s because we need to be conscious of the side effects associated with rapid weight loss. It can throw hormones out of balance which will go on to impact mood, plans for conception post wedding (if that’s a goal) and for some, the ability to burn fat. If burning fat is a goal then it means you’re entering a vicious cycle.


How can brides make sure they stay healthy and not become run down before the big day

Nutrition obviously plays a huge role so I’d always say have a look at what you’re eating in preparation for your big day. What often gets ignored though is stress – stress management is a key part of being a healthy bride. So if you’re reading this and you’re just starting to think about planning for your big day, now is also the time to create a stress management practice. Do it NOW, not in a few months’ time.  

Being stressed for a prolonged period of time (chronically) will completely overwhelm your immune system and as mentioned above, can impair your ability to burn fat.


What’s your best advice for brides trying to lose weight before their wedding?

A lot of brides get caught up in the calorie counting cycle and as a result, neglect the quality of their food.  It’s this that can lead to the cravings that throw you right off track and put you in a horrible pattern of eating really well and then really badly. Cravings develop in response to deficiencies, whether they be overall energy or nutrient specific. It sounds so simple and it’s definitely not sexy, but something to focus on, over and above calorie counting, is eating vegetables. If half of your meal is made up of vegetables then it’s very difficult to over consume the wrong foods and they’ll also provide a huge injection of nutrients and antioxidants which’ll curb cravings and support incredible health.


What are 3 things that are easy to cut out of your diet and will make a huge difference in overall health/wellbeing?

Of course, everybody is different which means people respond in different ways, but there are a few key things that we see time and time again help to make a huge difference.  

    • Gluten, found it bread, pasta, baked goods and so many packaged foods.
    • Refined carbohydrates, which are almost always removed when you remove gluten.
    • Finally, and I’m sorry to say it, alcohol. It might not be easy for everyone to remove, but it will create results.


What are some healthy snack options to cure that 3.30itis?

I have a few favourite ‘go to’s’;

  • Hummus and veggies. I love to make my own hummus and it’s why we’ve included it in the Real Food for One Day Brides eBook.
  • A tablespoon of nut butter, straight out of the jar. It’s my guilty/not guilty pleasure. It tastes so good, gives an energy kick and it’s hard to overconsume. I find that nuts themselves can easily be overconsumed.  
  • A cacao powder and coconut milk hot chocolate. Again, healthy fats in the coconut gives you a little dose of energy and raw cacao powder really beautifully supports energy and mood. Perfect for those who look for a sweet treat in the afternoon.


What is the most common diet mistake that you see brides make before their wedding?

I see so many brides going on a strict calorie counting regime and as I mentioned, it often occurs at the expense of food quality which is paramount.


Do you recommend any vitamins and supplements that should be taken to improve overall health and well being? 

I usually always recommend supplements based on the individual and their blood test results and so I’d recommend anyone reading this to work with their practitioner. Saying that, there are a few really beautiful supplements that can often provide support in times of stress, including practitioner grade omega 3’s, magnesium powder and vitamin C.    

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