Sophie from Love Find Co and dressing for your wedding

Today Sophie, the Founder and creative behind online bridal destination Love Find Co, let’s us in her on favourite wedding style, trends and the do’s and don’t for finding you wedding dress.


What’s your best styling advice for brides on their wedding day?

I always love the quote from Coco Chanel “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Once you are dressed take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror in your wedding dress, veil, headpiece & jewellery, whether the combination of accessories is, does everything work together? If it does that is great, however this pause & reflection while getting ready not only gives you a moment to yourself but gives you the opportunity to make sure you are completely happy with your wedding day look.


The Shoes – to go for comfort or wow factor?  
While the sensible side of me thinks comfort (I mean you are on your feet all day!) the stylist in me has to go with wow factor – and why not, there are so many amazing shoes out there, so choose something you love, whether it be a colour, a wedge or a statement shoe – my personal favourite is the Valentino rock studs in Nude.


What are your styling “no no’s” for brides?

  1. Accessorising with something just because you think you should, not because it reflects your personal style.  If you only ever wear simple stud earrings – why change this up for big chandelier earrings? Make sure your wedding dress and accessories are an extensions of your everyday personal fashion style.
  2. Ill fitting dresses – and this works both ways, it is so disappointing to see a wedding dress that doesn’t fit right, or is too tight.  Make sure you invest with a quality dress maker to ensure your dress fits just right!


How can brides add the ‘wow factor’ with accessories?

I really love the idea of detachable skirts and trains. It is really easy way to give your wedding dress some extra drama, but also flexibility to take it off from ceremony to reception.  It is also a really affordable options to give brides two different looks, without having to buy a second dress.


What’s your favourite look this season?

I am currently obsessed for all things clean and simple. There is something really modern & chic in stripping away all the embellishments, lace and details and having the focus be an amazing wedding dress silhouette. My two favourites are the Kingston & Sadie, I love the fit and drama of the skirts.


The ‘Hens Day’ outfit – what’s your favourite look?

I would probably have my eye on a statement piece from one of my favourite fashion designers, and would splurge on it.


What’s the most common styling mistake you see brides make?

Too much cleavage.


What’s your personal preference?

  • Modern or traditional – Modern
  • Lace or embellishment – Embellishment
  • Classic White gown or some colour? – Classic White
  • To have two dresses or stick with the one? – This is a running joke, that because I work in bridal fashion I would need to have at least 7 wedding dresses to have all my favourite designers & dresses I constantly lust over!
  • Veil or no Veil? – Veil
  • Tall, Dark & Handsome or Blonde & Cheeky? – Blonde & Cheeky
  • Dramatic or Classic – Dramatic


Still on the hunt for THE ONE. Head to Love Find Co to browse Sophie’s favourite designers.