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Sixty Secrets For A Happy Bride

Brand: Alex Miles

AUD $24.99

This book is the perfect treat to help any bride stay balanced, get organised and, most importantly, be excited in the lead-up to getting hitched.

Oh… and we think it’s rather beautiful too. There’s a textured hardcover, an inscription page for you to personalise if it’s a pressie (see here for some inscription thought starters), lovely illustrations throughout and easy navigation with coloured tabs. Read it cover-to-cover, or pick it up whenever you need a little help or reminder of what’s important.

Every wedding is different. Every couple is different. Every budget, family dynamic and set of expectations is bound to be different. So while we can’t whip up an encyclopedic spreadsheet that every bride must follow, we can strip things back to what really matters: Relationships, Preparation, Budget, Event Styling, Personal Styling, Ceremony, Reception, Memories and Life Beyond.

So for all the lovers out there – the stressers, the don’t-know-where-to-starters, or the I’m-going-to-vomit-if-I-read-another-blog-about-DIY-mason-jar-ers – here are the nuggets of wisdom I’ve learnt along the way … or wish I’d been told before we got started.

For more information on why we love Sixty Secrets, visit the One Day Bridal blog here.

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