Mr Theodore – Erasing the line between same-sex & opposite sex weddings


When Mr Theodore waltzed into the bridal scene almost twelve months ago we were captivated by their refined and sophisticated aesthetic. We were also immediately drawn to Alexander, the Founder of Mr Theodore’s captivating passion for all things bridal.

So we wanted to properly introduce you to the man himself himself. We chatted to Mr. Theodore about what he represents, what he is passionate about and what is in stall for this alluring brand we love so much. Oh, and did we mention he is also planning the final touches for his own wedding? We cannot wait.


We are an online wedding platform dedicated to erasing the line between same-sex and opposite sex weddings, showcasing the finest wedding suppliers from right across Australia that embrace same-sex and opposite-sex wedding equally. Mr Theodore is a platform free of prejudice where any couple can go and plan their wedding, knowing that the suppliers they select from us support same-sex marriage, whether it be for themselves or just out of ethics.



The real story of Mr Theodore began once I started the process of planning of my own wedding. I found that there were no real platforms that shun light on same-sex weddings in a refined, sophisticated way; not in the way that I like weddings to be anyway. I wanted to create a destination that catered to this market and that also focused on a wedding as a wedding, not a ‘gay’ wedding or a ‘straight’ wedding, but just weddings. But I all along wanted to create more than just an online platform but a brand, a brand that focuses of high-end weddings no matter the sexual orientation of the couple.



My earliest childhood memories always involved weddings in some way or another. I am the youngest of a large family so there were many weddings taking place from as far back as I can remember. My mum would create wedding dress and they just captivated me, and they still do; I can stand in awe for hours. Everything I have done in the past has lead me into the wedding industry, starting right back to my early days has a hair stylist with a real passion for brides. It is most certainly an industry that really reflects me as a person and everything I love, so naturally I have always wanted to be a part of it.



We’ve got big plans, as any new brand does but we really want to make a presence within wedding scene here in Australia. We want to keep working hard on erasing the line between same-sex and opposite sex weddings as well as bring the industry together. You can expect boutique-wedding events in the not to far future showcasing our favourite suppliers from across the country. You can also expect lots of inspiration. We’ve got some of the country’s best wedding suppliers at our fingertips and we want to share their insight into the world of weddings.



Oh not long to go now, I think we’re just under a month. We’ve pulled together some extremely talented suppliers and are working on creating a sophisticated and classic wedding; masculine and refined.

I believe with same-sex weddings (particularly with 2 grooms), there hasn’t been much of a focus on that classic masculine feel and that’s what we’re about. We want to erase the stereotype of ‘gay’ weddings and show that 2 men can have a wedding that reflects masculinity and sophistication.