5 Engagement Gemstone Shapes You Should Consider

How to find the perfect engagement ring shape for you? The choice can be somewhat overwhelming! We offer some key tips on the 5 engagement gemstone shapes you should consider to mark the beginning a life long partnership with your special someone. With so many options for customization and places to source the ring, it can be hard to know where to begin. It’s also one of the most important and sentimental investments you’ll ever make. So you’ll want to find something that’s a true expression of your own unique style and something that you’ll treasure for years to come.

We’ll discuss the 5 most popular gemstone shapes, the differences between them and how each shape has its own characteristic which can be customized to suit you.

One of the first things to consider when choosing an engagement gemstone shape is the size and shape of your hand as well as the thickness and length of your fingers. If you’re looking for something to help elongate your fingers, the oval cut is the perfect choice.


Oval Cut

The oval cut is a more modern cut of diamond possessing a dramatic brilliance paired with a balanced and symmetrical shape. First making an appearance in the 1960s, it became popular quickly with brides to be. Its smooth edges mean it’s also practical with little risk of damage or catching it in your hair by accident. The oval cut can be worn as an understated solitaire engagement ring, with adorning side stones or with a halo to amplify it’s size and brilliance. Oval cut diamonds are also a great option for smaller shorter hands because of their shape, which makes the fingers appear elongated and slender to the eye. This 5 carat platinum oval cut diamond ring from J Farren-Price, Sydney has magnificent sparkle and brilliance.



Emerald Cut

Characterized by it’s rectangular shape, and strong mirrored light refraction, the emerald-cut diamond is admired for its elegant Art Deco feel. This cut of diamond has a long silhouette and geometric lines that highlight the diamond’s clarity and allow beams of light to shine through. The style of the emerald cut is a mix of antique and modern offering a bolder and somewhat more modern diamond ring. Art Deco styling in general has become a very popular trend in everything from interiors, to furniture and jewellery. It really was a sophisticated era where designers draw much timeless inspiration from and makes for a timeless and bold statement engagement ring. This stunning Emerald cut diamond ring is simple yet full of Art Deco styling.


Pear Cut 

Pear Cut diamonds offer an interesting alternative to the more traditional round cuts. The quality of a pear or ‘tear-drop’ shape as it sometimes referred to is largely defined by the width to length ratio and how it appears to the eye. This style of diamond is cut with 58 facets like a round cut diamond and involves a lengthy a complicated cutting process. This makes it a more expensive cut owing to the skill and time involved in creating the perfect pear cut diamond shape. Like oval cuts choosing a pear cut diamond that is slightly longer in shape, will visually help elongate your fingers. The pear cut diamond can be worn point up or down but generally is worn with the tip pointing to the fingertips so that when your hand is held up it gives the illusion of a teardrop falling from heaven! How would you wear this pear cut diamond ring?


Round Brilliant Cut

The round brilliant cut diamond is the much-loved classic that never dates. The Round Brilliant cut always stands the test of time and is perfect for someone practical that enjoys a simpler design that affords lots of opportunities to add unique detailing around the diamond. The round cut offers the highest level of light refraction than any of the cuts. Hence it’s popularity. It is also an adaptable shape and can be used in a wide variety of settings. This allows the bride to really make it her own should she choose to custom design her own ring and add some finer details. This 10 carat diamond ring from J Farren-Price is set in a gorgeous basket design, allow this precious diamond to shine.


Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut diamonds are admired for their soft corners, balanced lines and enchanting old world charm being one of the world’s oldest cuts of diamond. This diamond has some serious gravitas. It has an almost pillow-like appearance, hence the name and  it consists of 50 facets. It is known for it’s ability to pick up a range of soft hues of colour throughout and projects a warm subtle glow. The cushion cut was originally designed in the 18th century, a time when gemstones showed their true nature against soft candlelight. So the light refraction of this is slightly less luminous than other cuts under modern electric lighting. The nature of the cut can also expose any inclusions or internal blemishes so it’s best to go for a higher grade of clarity when choosing a cushion cut diamond. If old world elegance is your thing then a cushion cut engagement ring is the one for you! This two carat cushion cut diamond ring is a timeless classic.


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