Prepping my skin for the big day!

For those of you who haven’t caught wind, I’m getting married! YAY. So I thought I would share with you a little process I have been going through in getting my skin ready for my wedding!

For me, I never really thought I had bad skin. With an olive complexion and breakouts confined to too much chocolate or over indulging on sweets, I really had never had a reason to go and have someone assess my skin. But feeling like I should probably treat myself and hey, I want to look back on my wedding photos and feel like the best version of myself, I visited Avenue Advanced Skincare Clinic.

Upon my first visit, Lilly examined my skin and set a course of action to have me looking my finest by the big day.

I do have to admit my skin routine was lacking from the outset, that I knew. But I didn’t really know where to start and suffering from sensitive skin and eczema around my eyes I was reluctant to try ‘off the shelf’ products or steer too far from what I was already doing.

I am now two months out from the big day and so annoyed with myself that I didn’t do it earlier. My skin is clear, pores decreased and I now have a daily routine that is easy to maintain. Go me!

You do however have to make sure you have enough time. This isn’t a quick fix. The Avenue work with you to achieve lasting results that you can continue long after your wedding day. You want to have at least six months to ensure you get the most out of the experience and ensure your skin has a chance to react to the treatments. Their range of services is vast and completely tailored to your needs, skin type and budget.

These ladies know their stuff and they know how to help you achieve radiant looking skin just in time for your big day. Stay tuned for more on some of the treatments and routines I have put into place or follow the link to redeem a special bridal offer from the team at Avenue Advanced Skin Care Clinic.

Exclusive Bridal offer from Avenue Advanced Skin Care 

Remember, drink lots of water and don’t try any new treatments too close to the big day!

Steph x